Purpose and Distinctives

"Our purpose is for the Glory of God's Name, and this purpose drives the distinctive characteristics of Grace Bible Church"

A Christ-Exalting Church

We seek to exalt Christ in His greatness and majesty.  Man’s preoccupation with himself is the root of sin, and all his miseries, and has no place in the church. Christ’s exaltation, and not man’s personal success, is the primary focus of Scripture and must be ours as well. This, in turn, leads to man’s fulfillment and satisfaction. We are a Christ exalting church.

A Scripture-Honoring Church

We are committed to the inspiration, inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture. The Scriptures in conjunction with the Holy Spirit and the care of the church body are sufficient for growth and every spiritual and emotional problem. The integration of the concepts and techniques of secular psychology is unnecessary and in the end unfruitful.  We are a Scripture honoring church.

A Preaching And Teaching Church

We are committed to preaching and teaching the Bible. It brings the authority of God and the proven principles of scripture to bear in the believer’s life. The command to preach the Word in the light of Christ’s appearing is kept foremost in our ministry. We seek also to teach the great doctrines of Scripture, such as the Doctrines of Grace, God, Christ, sin, and others. We are a preaching and teaching church.

A Disciple-Making Church

Christ’s mandate to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) is the focal point of all we do. A discipleship  emphasis and thrust is regularly given to encourage and enlist believers to pursue disciplemaking in their lives. We are a disciplemaking church.

A Marriage And Family-Building Church

We are committed to the biblical pattern for marriage and the family. The scriptural standards for the husband, wife and child rearing are given regular emphasis and priority. We believe the key to the church is the family, the key to the family is the marriage and the key to the marriage is the husband and father. We are a marriage and family building church.

A Ministering Church

Every believer a minister, is our goal. The equipping of the saints for ministry and the operation of every believers gift is our priority. We are committed to the mutuality of ministry in the body. We are a ministering church.

A Worshiping Church

We seek to make our services a vital and real experience in the worship and praise of God.  We seek first to express back to God what we know of Him through His Word. Then we seek to experience the presence and reality of God in our midst as we respond, compelled by the Holy Spirit, with the affections of the heart in adoration to our great saving God. We are a worshiping church.

An Outreach-Minded Church

We are committed to penetrating our community for Christ. Our mind-set is one that constantly seeks to reach our community and beyond. We also take seriously the divine purpose to spread the glory of Christ to all peoples by saving men from every tribe, nation, people and tongue. We are an outreach, world-mission minded church.

A Loving Church

The mark of Christ’s disciples is love. We are committed to pursuing and emphasizing the need for concrete demonstrations of genuine Christ-like love and acceptance. We seek to be an accepting church family. We seek to be a loving church.