Advent Meditations

"Celebrate the Christ of Christmas!"

Advent Meditations

Christmas is filled with the celebratory echoes of salvation.  In the midst of this year’s Christmas celebrations punctuated by manger scenes, Christmas choirs, even displays of lights and wrapped presents, let’s pray that our hearts be filled with the truth that Christmas is the earthly beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ‘Tis the season to read, and read again, the stories of man’s sin and God’s redeeming mercy; to worship Him as we meditate throughout this season on His Word saturated with passages of our redemption story.

This booklet presents two sets of Advent readings, one for our children and one for the rest of the family.  The children’s readings are all found in the Children’s Jesus Storybook Bible, Every Story Whispers His Name, by Sally Llloyd-Jones.  We selected this Bible because it connects each and every Bible story to Jesus, making it ideal as a Christmas devotional.  (We also recommend this Bible for use throughout the year because we want it to be natural that our children see Jesus Christ in every Bible story.)  Corresponding to each reading is an ornament to hang on your “Jesse Tree”, which by Christmas day will be filled with ornaments about Jesus.  You can set a small tree on a table or even use a branch as  your Jesse Tree.   As you look over your Jesse Tree with your children, talk through the entire redemptive story of Jesus!  We began using this same devotional last year and hope it continues to bless your family and become part of your families Christmas tradition.


This year’s Advent Meditations follows the redemptive story from the first sin to the birth of our Savior.  It is a study of the relationship between man and God, between sinners and our precious Savior.   We pray that this look at ourselves and our Lord will fill us with gratitude and a renewed love for Christ.

Merry Christmas Grace Family!

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